New York, New York!

Wow, wow, wow. After 27 hours in the air, and a few more waiting on the ground we touched down in a surprisingly retro feeling JFK airport at 5 pm yesterday. Of course, by the time we queued for our bags and again for a taxi we were on the road closer to 6 pm.

Oh my word, the traffic, the horn honking, the poor use of indicators…. even if I could drive I wouldn’t want to if this was the daily commute home! Our taxi driver, originally from Russia, had as many questions for us about NZ than we did for him about New York and Philly. He has kids based in Israel, a house in Philadelphia and drives a yellow cab. A genuinely nice guy for us to meet and an omin for a good trip, I reckon.

So, we drove and drove, like Dunedin, or Dublin, JFK airport is miles away but finally we caught a glimpse of the Manhattan skyline. I’m pretty sure the butterflies in my tummy were ready to burst out in all their glory at that point. It’s such and iconic and simply gorgeous view which my phone, at 65 miles an hour didn’t really do justice to. image

So we arrived on 6th Avenue without too much trouble and got went straight to our studio apartment.  Other than a sticky lock, everything was good! We have booked all our accommodation (I saw we, I mean Andrew) through Airb&b, and we’re happy with it so far.  We settled down in the studio apartment for all of 10 minutes, before a cheeky shower, then we were off again! By now its about 745 and sunset is just starting to be noticeable.  Times square is only a 20 minute walk north from our place, so off we went to see the lights and light it is! While we were there, we watched a fashion shoot happen (it’s about 9 pm at this point) gazed up at the lights, got approached by a guy who gave us his CD  and invited us to tweet him, facebook him, instagram him the lot!  We went for a cheeky wander through some shops too, which were still open by the time we left the square, closer to 11pm.

image image Times square was buzzing and alive and everything we thought it would be. While out and about we picked up a metro card for the subway, a sim card for our phones and some NY style pizza for dinner before crawling into bed at about midnight – we might be on holiday but its the  city that never sleeps! image Today, who knows what it will bring….check in later to find out. Xx


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