Friday, Friday, gotta get down…

It’s Friday and our last day in New York! Ah!

Tomorrow we jump on the AMTRAK and zoom down the Eastern Corridor toward Washington DC!

Today we roamed the flatiron district, to see the flatiron building, you know, the one you always see on TV, that looks like its really skinny but in fact it is not… Im sure it used to be on shows like Suddenly Susan and Spin City.


Then we zooooomed up to 5th Ave to visit Tiffany & Co. Those metro passes have been worth every penny we paid for them. We got to 5th Ave at 845 and figured it would be open and ready to go at 9. Nope! 5th Ave doesn’t to kick into life until 10 am.  Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, right? So we walked the block and spotted Madison Ave and park lane. Monopoly much?


The jewellery at Tiffany was stunning, of course but we didn’t leave with a little blue bag today. Maybe a gift from Tiffany for my 30th is on the cards? Right Andrew?

Up next was a big walk through central park to visit another Century 21 store, for a spot of shopping before journeying to Macy’s.

Today our time at Macys included a live dj and about a trillion people. I scored a skirt where I saved more money than I spent, which is the sign of a good sale!  Andrew went crazy for suits, shirts, ties and more.

I left Andrew to do his thing and went to hit the high street shops. I spent over 15 minutes waiting for a chance to try on some clothes and 35 minutes in a queue to pay! When the cashier didn’t put through the right discount code I must admit, my inner New Yorker came out and I got a little sassy…. whoops!

So an afternoon of shopping and packing our bags looks a little bit like this:


Dinner was our last shot at NY pizza at Penn Station before a cheeky photo of Madison Square Garden, just a block away from our apartment.

Finally, on our way home we spotted the empire state building lit up in red, white and blue. Turns out it is the 84th anniversary of its building and this is how they celebrate around these parts.


So. It’s 10 pm, the earliest we have been home all week, and we are sitting on our suitcases in the hope we can get them closed!

Will update you tomorrow from DC!



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