What a trip. We hopped the AMTRAK from Penn Station I’m NYC to Union Station in DC and passed through a bunch of cities and states to get here. Andrew slept most of the way, as he does because he is lucky and can sleep anywhere. I did some window staring and thinking and stock taking. We are so lucky to be on this trip and are having such a great time.

What an amazing journey we are on. We arrived at our air B&B home and our jaws dropped.  The neighborhood is beautiful and the apartment is like a luxury resort.



It’s hot down here, like in the mid twenties and heading for thirty degrees, which is unseasonable for April/May. These are the kind of temperatures they get in mid summer!   So on the recommendation of our host we we stopped for a drink at a gorgeous gelato/ coffee joint before heading out in the sunshine with everyone else.


Washington was designed by the same guy who designed Paris but because we understand how his cities work we’ve been able to navigate easily. We headed straight for he heart of the action to the White House. After the recent problems with people jumping the fence they have increased security and the number of fences before you reach the lawn which makes for kinda crappy photos…


From there it’s a hop skip and a jump around the corner to The Mall where all the famous memorials sit. We headed straight for the Washington monument but were temporarily stopped by a police guard so a bunch of black suvs with darkened windows could pass through. After a pause at the Washington memorial we headed to the war memorial, reflection pool and Lincoln memorial. Given that it was a hot sunny Saturday there were heaps of people and we quickly noticed the number of domestic American tourists here, which wasn’t the case in NYC. Of course, it makes sense that Americans would want to visit their capital city and see all of the history it has to offer.




It’s so leafy and green here and the ability to see the sky is such a welcome relief after a week of skyscrapers and cranes.  We felt like we could walk a little slower, breath a little deeper and just be a little more present, which was nice. And hey, what a view for a Saturday afternoon stroll.


While on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, in fact, on the spot where Martin Luther King Jr made his famous “I have a dream” speech we saw at huge military chopper land at the White House, just for some added excitement. We may well have seen Obama, but who would know, the windows are all blacked out!


After a long relaxing walk we decided to have a chilled out evening once we worked out watching the fight of the century was going to cost us more than $20+ just to get into a packed hot bar with a bunch of uni students. The most expensive tickets in town were setting punters back $100! The same price as watching it on Pay Per View at home!

We headed to a place called Shake Shack for dinner and while the food and atmosphere were awesome Andrew had a nightmare trying to order a ‘Fishdog head IPA”. The poor guy behind the counter just could not understand his accent.

We keep walking around and with even only 24 hours under our belts I think we would both pretty quickly consider up and moving here, if only Andrew didnt need to get a visa.

Anyway. My coffee is running out and the sunshine is calling…. more to come!


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