Forgive me father for I have sinned….

I forgot to press the button ans send y’all a blog for May 4! Im a bad curator!

Another hot, cloudless day In DC yesterday so rather than sweat it out in the sunshine we headed in doors for some culture and learning.

To get our bearings we headed to Smithsonian Castle, the original site of the Smithsonian Institute. The group now owns something like 19 museums in the city including the zoo! It has become a real center for learning no matter what your interests and the best part is most of their museums have no entry fee.



So Andrew being a total boy was desperate to go to the air and space museum and see the Rockets.  It was pretty good, I must admit. Half of the museum is dedicated to space travel the other to flying in general, so a good mix.

We ended up in a planetarium watching a movie narrated by Whoopi Goldberg herself. It was a pretty cool experience and even I learned (or possibly relearned) something.


After a couple hours of walking and learning and avoiding the billions of school kids on trips we gave in and had some lunch at the food court. The food on offer was McDonald’s, Pizza and Hot Carvery…..So we did what we hadn’t done yet on our trip and had some McDonald’s. Most disturbingly, the beef patties can’t be called beef in DC (I imagine there is a minimum content requirement which hasn’t been met) so it’s called ‘burger’. Gross! I went with a chicken wrap, which was OK,  and a sundae, including crushed peanuts to top it. Whoo!

Up next a walk through the national art galleries sculpture garden. My two favourites were a silver tree and a house that has an optical illusion….



More respite for the sun was required by this point so we headed to the next museum down the road, the natural history museum.

This thing is huge! The good thing is the exhibits are short and to the point, which was just what my sore feet and short attention span needed.  I gifted myself a trip to the butterfly room, and watched them take flight and float about. One had the most spectacular blue wings but I couldn’t photograph him for love nor money.



The museum also had a great dinosaur collection, including a camera where you can watch what a researcher sees down the microscope. The lady we watched was cleaning a fossil with a pin like device that on the big screen looked more like a nail punch.

We headed through a couple other  exhibits including seeing he hope diamond before calling it quits. I bet you could spent a whole week in there and never see everything it offers.  Good thing its another free attraction!

Our final museum stop for the day was to the Holocaust museum which was, in a word, confronting. It was really well out together and interestingly set out. Both of us thought they did a great job. At the start you are given a passport which includes a story of a victim which was a cool tangible touch. The first elevator ride also includes a video which ends in a really aggressive way, but is really engaging.  I won’t ruin the punchline…


So by this point our feet are sore and our brains are full. The sunset is beginning and we are only 10 minutes away from the Jefferson memorial that we spotted on Sunday but didn’t visit.  So off we went to hang out there.


By this point we were ready for home so jumped on Uber and away we went. Taxis over here are so cheap and the Uber drivers we have met have been on the whole nice, interesting people.

Finally, we needed some dinner, so headed to our local whole foods supermarket (it’s across from an organic juice bar, a Lululemon store and a Starbucks, for context). This store puts Moore Wilson’s to shame! It’s full of anything and everything you could ever wish to find and more, including a hot food bar, a salad bar, an olive bar, a cheese bar and a fully stocked deli, bakery and seafood section, and that’s just a potion of the goodness. There is also more kinds of juice, iced coffee, fruit platters, precut cheese boards….I could go on. I had died and gone to supermarket heaven.

We ended us helping ourselves to the self serve hot food bar and spent more than planned……. but it was yum!

So, I promise to get back on the blogging situation.  A new blog tomorrow about today’s adventure, I promise!



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