The streets of Phillidelphia

Wow, 3 different cities, 3 different states, so much history and so many differences.

Philadelphia is a little less glamorous than DC and a little less busy than NYC. It’s 1 way system reminds me of Christchurch and while it’s a little broken looking it’s full of history and intense stories.

So we had access to a washing machine in NYC which was awesome and meant we stayed in the luxury of clean socks and underwear.  In DC we didn’t have a washing machine and by yesterday things were getting a little smelly, so on arrival in Philly we headed to our air B&B place,  an eclectic looking studio on the top floor of the worst house on one of the best streets I town, before dumping our bags and heading to the laundromat.


In 30 minute intervals we walked the surrounding blocks, while our clothes washed, then dried, the dried some more. In that time we came across the French Quarter, with tones of cafes, restaurants and bars. As well as a few funky stores in the shopping district.


We also found the Wanamaker store, Philadelphia’s oldest department store (now a Macys) which includes a huge organ In the middle.  It is played twice a day every day and we hope to see a performance in the short time we are here.


We sorted the washing and took it back to he studio when I got a phone call from one of my relatives inviting us out to dinner!

So after a bit more shop wandering we met up with Sharon who I hadn’t seen in 25 years! Her dad is the son of my Grandads brother. Got it? Good.  Sharon kindly took us on a tiki tour of the city so we could take some photos and get a bit of an understanding about the city layout before heading to Penns landing, a spot on the river where there are a bunch of cool restaurants and bars, each on their own pier.

Morgans pier was awesome. It was in it’s first week in operation for the season and the atmosphere, food and drink were great.

We whiled away the hours until 11 pm came across. Whoops! Time to head home. Our heads hitting the pillow and sleep occurred simultaneously.

More on Philly tomorrow!


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