Mother’s day

I’m not sure what my wordpress is doing but it seems to be eating my posts….

Anyway. A quick run down of our very last Sunday in the USA.

It was mothers day which is of course a big deal over here, thanks to Mr Hallmark and all his cards. Luckily we did not forget, not that we could have!


We got to share the day with my Mum, Dad and the Cousins, which was awesome. Mum kindly received a card from ‘us kids’ and was taken on a shopping trip care of my dad. Very unusual behavior for him – normally he keeps that wallet firmly shut!

So after breakfast we said our goodbyes to Hopkinton and the family and headed back to Boston. The poor Cousins had an 8 hour drive to complete! Lucky for us we were only an hour or so out of town.

Unlike Friday night where the traffic was terrible we had a great, smooth and fast trip! So fast in fact we had to stop for a coffee and donut break, as we couldn’t return the car so early.

99 cents for a cream filled heart attack. Yum!

Back on the road and Andrew successfully drove us in to the center of city, with only one moment of panic, and that was on my behalf thats to some jerk who tried to be in 3 lanes all at once. But hey, we lived to tell the tale!

Once back in town we had to chill out while we waited for check in to the apartment. The perfect time to hang out in the sun and watch the harbourside activites!

We found the apartment without too much hassle. Boston is kind of like London, with alleys and winding streerts which often lead you to a big common area made up of a series of gardens in the middle of the city. Boston is also the biggest city in the New England region (as in the patriots), which takes up a bunch of the north eastern corridor.

So the apartment is on a beautiful street with gardens and cherry trees which are heavy with blossom. So pretty!

As soon as we dropped our stuff off we were out again to explore. First stop the common. Sunday afternoon and the gardens are heaving. Squirrels, dogs, yoga classes, families, picnics. So much life, it was awesome.

Next we ventured to the Faneuil Hall Markets, a huge outdoor space with fixed stores and outside vendors, heaps of buskers, food, artists, everything.

We had a but much of the shopping vibe and headed to he harbour to check out the view.

After a cheeky stop at Walgreens, our local supermarket, pharmacy and liquor store to grab some dinner, breakfast and ice cream we headed home. For the first time on this trip we were home before the sun went down!

Fed, watered and happy we watched some tele care of Netflix. We had to laugh when we saw the recommendations based on what previous guests had been watching. Including something called ‘scrotal recall’.

TV and bed. A happy way to spend a happy Sunday night.


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