Packing, selling, donating and $$’s

So we have a 2 bedroom house, with an attic, a shed and a garage, all of which seem to be overflowing with stuff!

A couple years back our house was broken into, and I thought that the experience had opened our eyes to how good life can be with less stuff, but man, I did no realise how much stuff we still had……

So, operation minimalise has been my main focus since New Years. Every week I rummage around the house, and create 3 piles; Pack, Sell, Donate.

Packing has been slow, since we still have a few more weeks in the house, but the sell pile has grown and shrunk and grown again. I had my first experience selling on facebook, after 18 months of selling exclusively on Trade Me (that’s kinda New Zealands version of eBay…..) and it was great. Ive even been hustling my facebook friends to buy stuff off us – its a little embarrassing but it works!


We made almost $300 in just a couple days, getting rid of all manner of things to a real cross section of people. Since the initial flurry of activity things have slowed down a bit – maybe because everyone is back at work, and school and the reality of the Christmas credit card spend has come home via the bill. Either way, the stuff that hasn’t sold is moving piles.

So now we’re on to the donations.


We have a box of ‘things’ a box of food and a whole rubbish bag of clothes all of which are due to be dropped off at various places by Andrew, and this is just the first lot!  I can only hope once we reduce the piles we will gain our floor space back and I will stop worrying about how the rest of our stuff will fit in to one tiny storage unit.

Suddenly living out of a 70L backpack is seeming awfully hard!



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