About us

Hi! We’re Andrew and Sarah, a couple of twenty-something (ok, 29. We’re both 29.) peeps from Wellington, New Zealand.


Up until now, we’ve led pretty plain old lives. Happy, but plain. Sarah went to university while Andrew joined the workforce. We moved in together a few years back, fell in love, bought a cute cottage in the suburbs, picked up a couple of cats, scored some sweet jobs and got married. This summer, in light of turning the big 3-0 we made a decision to shake things up a little bit; either totally settle down have a baby or go on an adventure.

So…we’ve just committed to going on a life changing trip for 12 months, with a budget of about $NZD100 a day. The brief is something along these lines: “Travel to places our parents haven’t been and that we don’t want to take a baby”.

We’d love to have you along on our adventure. We take off to Mumbai on April 3, 2017 but don’t bother waiting, we’ll be blogging all about the lead up. We’ll cover everything from quitting our jobs to packing our life into a couple of backpacks, renting out house out and even spending some quality time living with the in-laws. Jump on board, we’re going to have a blast and if that fails, at least it will be funny!




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