We’ve been in India for 2 whole weeks now…

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I resigned!

So, the worlds worst kept secret is finally out. I handed in my resignation letter today and we’ve started the process to see me finish up at Trade Me on Wednesday March 22.

So many mixed emotions going on, but mainly relief! Its all very real!


The good, the bad and the ugly

Between this whole working full time gig, the packing up of our house, the catching up with friends and family and general need to ‘netflix and chill’ the pre-trip blog has been quiet. Sorry! There are probably only so many times you want to hear about how un-romantic planning a trip like this is. The endless lists, the numerous contracts, the 50-gazillion rolls of packing tape – you get the idea.

So, to condense some thoughts here is a quick list.

The good:

We’re making progress. The bank account is looking healthy and the cupboards, nooks, crannies and general hidey-holes are looking empty.

We haven’t killed each other. Something like this has the potential to really stress any one out. We’ve defiantly had ‘some words’ but there haven’t been any stand up rows, or slammed doors. We even took a couple hours out to enjoy our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

We found *the* list. Our parents have been pushing us to document every facet of our lives, in case we get killed by terrorists or something equally morbid. After an extensive google search I found an excel doc template that will be perfect. It has about 50 tabs and lots of boxes to fill out. I’m kinda excited by it….

The bad:

FOMO. We’ve had our first few ‘save the dates’ for upcoming events that we wont be able to attend because we’ll be away. Its dumb to feel like we’re missing out since we’ll be off on the best adventure of our lives. It will be weird to miss out on all the social things though!

Party planning. We want to have a bit of a farewell knees-up party, which is proving hard to fund. Some bars want up to $10,000 to host 100 or so people on a Saturday night. Thats 1/5 of our annual budget!!!! Hell-to-the-no.

The ugly:

Me, after a day in the garden trying to move lots of gravel, paint a fence, do some weeding and generally make the house more presentable. Andrew helped by water blasting the entire place which is no mean feat.

Really….it hasnt been that ugly at all. Just administrative.







Needles, Mosquitoes and Rabies, oh my!

Back in early January, Andrew and I drew up a list of about 1 million vaccines that we may need for our adventure. Going to places like India, South East Asia, South America and Africa got our backs up a little and we were freaking out!

We booked a visit with the Travel Doctors for January 30, thinking it was ages away. Well, knock me over and call me a goose, today is January 30!

So out 1:30 appointment included us filling out a huge page of medical history, our families medical history and a list of countries we plan to visit. We then sat down with the doctor and together went through all the vaccines we COULD have (like 10 of them) and the ones we have to have (like 4 of them. In fact only 3 for Andrew after his recent thumb slicing incident).

Some of the vaccines are worth like $600, which is just mindblowing – granted, its better than dying from a monkey bite and all, but still, $600!

So, after about 45 minutes of chat where the prospect of dying came up a good 5 or so times, we signed on the dotted line for our essential vaccines:

  • Hep A (now with typhoid included, its a great 2 for 1 offer!)
  • Yellow fever (Sarah has to go back and get this done separately as she’s full of a chest infection, yay!)
  • Tetanus

We declined the Rabies vaccine on the promise we wouldn’t pet any animals. Sad, but not as sad as death by mouth froth…..

Once the doctor was done with us we caught up with the nurse who administered the vaccines. Andrew isn’t a massive fan of needles and pulled such a face that even the nurse recoiled in horror! He did a great job getting it done. Then we got a sales pitch about the other drugs we can and should buy. We took home a menu to peruse at our leisure before my return trip for another shot.

$700 poorer and with bandaids on our arms, we left the travel doctor feeling a touch woozy but happy to have made progress. Bring it on diseases!



Packing, selling, donating and $$’s

So we have a 2 bedroom house, with an attic, a shed and a garage, all of which seem to be overflowing with stuff!

A couple years back our house was broken into, and I thought that the experience had opened our eyes to how good life can be with less stuff, but man, I did no realise how much stuff we still had……

So, operation minimalise has been my main focus since New Years. Every week I rummage around the house, and create 3 piles; Pack, Sell, Donate.

Packing has been slow, since we still have a few more weeks in the house, but the sell pile has grown and shrunk and grown again. I had my first experience selling on facebook, after 18 months of selling exclusively on Trade Me (that’s kinda New Zealands version of eBay…..) and it was great. Ive even been hustling my facebook friends to buy stuff off us – its a little embarrassing but it works!


We made almost $300 in just a couple days, getting rid of all manner of things to a real cross section of people. Since the initial flurry of activity things have slowed down a bit – maybe because everyone is back at work, and school and the reality of the Christmas credit card spend has come home via the bill. Either way, the stuff that hasn’t sold is moving piles.

So now we’re on to the donations.


We have a box of ‘things’ a box of food and a whole rubbish bag of clothes all of which are due to be dropped off at various places by Andrew, and this is just the first lot!  I can only hope once we reduce the piles we will gain our floor space back and I will stop worrying about how the rest of our stuff will fit in to one tiny storage unit.

Suddenly living out of a 70L backpack is seeming awfully hard!


Oh my gosh, I just quit my job.

So…part of setting of on a global adventure for an extended period of time includes sorting out what to do with the jobs that have kept us occupied, and paid, for the last umpteen years.

After spending our “summer” break packing up and clearing out and hanging out at the likes of MacPac and Kathmandu for all the good sales, Andrew and I agreed that we would give our respective bosses as much lead in time to us leaving as possible. The reason was two-fold; partially so they didn’t get any nasty surprises 4 weeks before we left and secondly so we could finally start talking about the trip! Yay, no more secrets.

So, Monday came around and I caught up with my manager and broke the news. She was delighted for me but pretty sad to be losing me too. It felt incredible to talk about it and we agreed that while I wont hand in my notice yet, I can at least tell the team. Phew. So much relief. At the same time, talking about it makes it very real and its suddenly feeling pretty scary!

Andrew had a yarn with his boss too and the reaction was pretty much the same. We’re lucky to have such great employers who are so happy to hear we’re off to grow and have fun.

So yeah, that’s it. We’ll hand in our official notice later in February, but in the meantime we have more clearing, shifting, booking and packing to do.