I resigned!

So, the worlds worst kept secret is finally out. I handed in my resignation letter today and we’ve started the process to see me finish up at Trade Me on Wednesday March 22.

So many mixed emotions going on, but mainly relief! Its all very real!



Mondays will never be the same again

Well…..thats not entirely true.

The next 5 Mondays we still have to turn up to work.

The Monday after that though…..we’ll be nursing ourselves back from a hangover due to the wedding we’re going to that weekend. But then….the following Monday we will have finished packing our bags and will be boarding a plane to India! But shhh….its still a secret.

Oh my gosh, I just quit my job.

So…part of setting of on a global adventure for an extended period of time includes sorting out what to do with the jobs that have kept us occupied, and paid, for the last umpteen years.

After spending our “summer” break packing up and clearing out and hanging out at the likes of MacPac and Kathmandu for all the good sales, Andrew and I agreed that we would give our respective bosses as much lead in time to us leaving as possible. The reason was two-fold; partially so they didn’t get any nasty surprises 4 weeks before we left and secondly so we could finally start talking about the trip! Yay, no more secrets.

So, Monday came around and I caught up with my manager and broke the news. She was delighted for me but pretty sad to be losing me too. It felt incredible to talk about it and we agreed that while I wont hand in my notice yet, I can at least tell the team. Phew. So much relief. At the same time, talking about it makes it very real and its suddenly feeling pretty scary!

Andrew had a yarn with his boss too and the reaction was pretty much the same. We’re lucky to have such great employers who are so happy to hear we’re off to grow and have fun.

So yeah, that’s it. We’ll hand in our official notice later in February, but in the meantime we have more clearing, shifting, booking and packing to do.