Renting out the house

Andrew and I were lucky enough to find our own little slice of New Zealand 4 years ago. We purchased the house without any dramas and have since had a wonderful time here (less the time that it got broken into by some punk-assed kid who stole a bunch of our worldly possessions, but thats another story and its old news now!). We’ve extended the deck, added a shed, painted the fence and added an attic during our time but now we’ve had to decide what to do with it while we go away.

The property market in Wellington, and the rest of the country, has been nuts, and we are confident we could probably sell up and make a good return on investment. That feels like a good idea now, and seeing a whole pile of cash in our bank would feel good, but it would make it really hard when we decide to return to NZ and have nothing. So, we’re going to make the most of the busy rental market and get some tenants in.

After a bit of research and some phonecalls and visits we settled on a company called ‘manage my property’. The team have been super helpful and answered all our questions. Last week they stopped by at the house to take some photos then they put the listing up on Trade Me. Within the first hour we had 60 views.


Yesterday we had two couples come through the house to check it out and hopefully at least one of them will apply and get through the process. If so, it could mean we’re out of our house as soon as next weekend!!

Moving out of the house will really signal the next milestone on our journey to overseas. The prospect is so exciting!